Living Your Brilliance

Three Sunday’s at Studio Be Yoga

October 15, 22 & 29

This three session series will focus on how we can expand, both individually and as a community of women. We will work on our obstacles and anything that keeps us small and hidden. We will align internally with our greatest vision and mission and how we can fearlessly step forward into our family, community, and the world with our most authentic luminous version of ourselves. We work individually on ourselves, but I truly think we heal in community.

Each week we will focus on different aspect of ourselves creating a progressive foundation for internal strength and well-being. In week one we start working with our Body and then the following week we will focus on our Breath (prana), which greatly affects our communication with others and ourselves. On the 3rd week, we will explore how to befriend our own mind with all its dark secrets and constant dialog and we will take delight in our brilliance and see how much Joy and Celebration we can create.

Since I am at heart a yoga educator, I can’t help but give you weekly practices to support you between our times together. This will include gentle poses and simple breathing practices that you can do at home between our gatherings.

Don’t wait to reserve your space! This series SOLD OUT BEFORE and registration is limited to 25 women.
Email De to reserve your space: