Things You Should Know

Signing Up For Class – Classes can be purchased online through our website or at the studio.

Do I need to register for class or can I just drop-in Feel free to drop-in to any class. Workshops require pre-registration.

Arrive Early – All classes start and end on time. Arrive early to class, and stay for the entire class. Do not leave during the final pose or Savasana. Arriving late or leaving early is disruptive to the teacher and other students. Please remember to silence your cell phone before the class begins.

What is the temperature of the studio We keep the air between 74°-78° F.

Injuries, Health Conditions, and Special Circumstances – Before class begins, let the instructor know about anything that might affect your practice, including injuries, health conditions, and pregnancy. If you have medical conditions, please obtain your doctor’s consent to participate in yoga before attending classes.

Shoes – Remove your shoes as soon as you enter the studio lobby.

What To Wear Wear clothes that are comfortable and allow a full range of movement. Clothing should not get in the way of your practice or the teacher’s ability to observe your poses. Please do not wear perfume, cologne, essential oils, or other scents.

How long is a punch card valid A punch card is good for three months from the date of purchase. Punch cards are non-refundable but may be transferred to a friend or family member if you are unable to use them.

Do I need to bring any equipment You are welcome to bring your own equipment, however mats and props are available at no charge.

May I bring water into the studio
Feel free to bring your own water; we also have water.

Is there a place to change clothes There is a small dressing room and a spacious bathroom.

What if I leave something at the studio A Lost & Found is located in the studio. Unclaimed items are donated to charities bimonthly.

How long after a meal is it okay to practice A general rule of thumb: come to class with an open mind and an empty stomach. Doing yoga a couple hours after a meal is fine.