“This yoga is not only changing my body it’s changing my life!”

– Linda

 “I feel great after yesterdays class! I am so intrigued by this powerful and therapeutic approach. I haven’t felt this much awareness, fluidity, and range of motion in my hip for a while! Although different from most yoga classes, I loved the alignment cues and use of gentle use of resistance in the postures. The description that this practices helps dissolve blockages is spot on. I also felt like I completely reset my nervous system.”

– Molly

 “De West, Michelle Anderson, Studio Be Yoga Those therapeutic classes are amazing! Thank you so much for having these on the schedule! My body feels better than it has felt in a long time.”

– Diane

“Absolutely great! Loved it. Relaxing and enlivening at the same time.
Thanks De!”
– Sue

“My lower back feels loose with no spasms. I usually feel this restful only after deep tissue massage. With what we were doing, I feared the exact opposite.”
– Mary

“I’ve been a student of De West for about 2,5 years and going to her classes and workshops have completely changed how I feel in, and relate to, my body. My chronic lower back pain is gone, and I am so much more flexibility in my spine and neck. After getting pregnant and continuing my yoga practice with De, I am even more in awe of her method and work. Every class has been adjusted to fit my needs and I’ve felt cared for in a way I’ve never experienced with another teacher. I’ve had an amazing soccer match predictions pregnancy and I attribute much of my wellbeing to taking classes with De at Studio Be. I cannot recommend De’s therapeutic practice enough, it’s a complete life changer; one that works on mind, muscles, nervous system and joints alike. If you haven’t experienced this work for yourself, be sure to visit Studio Be and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Five of my friends have come and now cannot imagine not going. Thank you De for your work and dedication to each of your students!”

– Karna