Class Descriptions




Therapeutic Yoga

This is not an athletic form of yoga, but an individualized process of working with one’s own body, mind, and nervous system. Therapeutic Yoga establishes an overall sense of safety and well being in the participants, resulting in less physical discomfort and stress, and more energy and openness. This practice addresses not just the muscular/skeletal body, but layers of circulatory, lymphatic, endocrine and nervous systems as well.

For a full description of this program, including the purchase of monthly memberships online, see the Therapeutic Yoga Page.

Biodynamic Yoga

Biodynamic Yoga is Michelle Anderson’s innovative approach to teaching and leadership that can be integrated into many kinds of practices.  These are new class names, but not new classes, so you can be assured your favorite class hasn’t changed.  

It is based on traditional yoga, philosophy, and meditation practice, and on the principles of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. 

  1. When individuals come together, an energetic field is created that is greater than the sum of the parts.  This energetic field is a common denominator that resonates with everyone in the room.  This field will move in the direction of greatest health and benefit for all.  The poses, sequences and movements taught are to enable each individual to experience their clearest being, and to learn the skills to remove blockages, reduce pain and stress, and increase happiness, energy flow, and relaxation.  Participants usually report a feeling of deep satisfaction, like the class was exactly what they needed.  
  1. Because the field is always newly created by the participants’ real experience, the sequences are always different as a response.  You will never do the same class twice!
  1. The sequences build stamina in the nervous system and steadiness in the mind and physical body that allow the students to stay with sensation longer. They are then able to watch it transform, calm their breathing, transform unhealthy memories and patterns into safety and empowerment, and recover lost parts of their embodied experience.  
  1. Verbal and non-verbal dialogue are important to build trust and safety. New and returning students are invited to privately share what factors are contributing to their current mind-body state as a tool for self discovery.
  1. The goal of Biodynamic Yoga is to be an integral part of the health of the whole person, and to acknowledge that this health includes the physical body, spiritual connections, emotional satisfaction, community support, and fulfillment in work and home life. To this end, two types of classes are offered:

Biodynamic Yoga

Brilliantly sequenced classical asana classes (sun salutations, standing poses, arm balances, inversions, backbends, twists, etc.) for those without major spine/joint injuries or illnesses, who are able to bear weight on hands and wrists and do standing poses without wall support.  The instructor leads the class and is also a participant; some yoga experience is helpful; chanting, pranayama, and meditation may be included as part of class.      

Biodynamic Yoga Therapeutics

These highly individualized classes are inclusive to anyone who desires healing, peace and connection, or who needs relief from life’s stressors.  These classes are very slow-paced and are primarily done sitting or lying down, often with wall support and precisely utilized props.  The practice is a sequence specifically designed for the practitioners in the room, and creates stamina in the nervous system and steadiness in the mind and body that allows one to see through the mental chatter towards one’s own truth.   The instructor guides the class and is an observer; no previous yoga or movement experienced is required.


Quiet Monkey Therapeutic Yoga ®  

The Quiet Monkey Therapeutic Yoga Practice ® teaches us to work with the natural intelligence of our bodies through a series of gentle, focused and healing movements. This simple, profound approach calms the mind and relaxes the body, creating a safe space for us to build a foundation for creating change. 

Quiet Monkey is a movement practice that allows people of all ages and abilities to experience a positive, relaxed and transforming experience in both body and mind. 

The mission of Quiet Monkey (QM) is to build a community of individuals with a common interest in deepening awareness within themselves and in relation to others through a movement practice. The hopeful outcome of the QM practice will be a life of greater reflection, kindness and compassion.

The QM practice and offerings are uniquely designed to be inclusive to all who are interested and open to possibility.

Why the Quiet Monkey?

The practice is about quieting our busy “monkey mind.” The monkey lives inside us all — an expression of our pains, fears, and blockages that bounce around and distract us from what really matters. Quiet Monkey poses, sequences, and breathing exercises are our guide to understanding ourselves in a state of well-being that permeates all areas of our lives. 

Why is it a healing practice?
The practice allows for better function in the body and a deeper connection between mind, body and spirit. By correcting old patterns and releasing blockages that no longer serve us, we create greater awareness of our physical and emotional health. 


Foundation Yoga

Detailed instructions on principles for healthy alignment with simple exercises and movement. Here you learn how to work with your body with precision and insight, while developing an understanding of the asanas and their variations.


Flow Yoga

Flow classes provide the opportunity to practice, practice, practice! These classes consist of fluid, guided sequences designed to offer a deeper rhythmic flow of asana, movement, and breath. In these classes there is less detailed instruction in favor of the rich continuity of quiet, focused flow.

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Restorative Yoga

Ahhhh. Restorative classes are thoroughly restful. They involve the use of props to support the body in gentle poses with emphasis on open, gentle breathing that facilitates a state of deep, lucid relaxation. A restorative practice relieves the effects of chronic stress and helps us settle quietly into deep sensation and awareness within our bodies. Peaceful and nourishing.


Yin Yoga

The most popular styles of yoga are those that focus on strengthening and lengthening the muscles, you could call these styles yang yoga. In Yin yoga the practice focuses on stretching the connective tissue to encourage deeper range of motion and increased energy. If you have ever sat for a long time with legs crossed, you know the hips and lower back need to be strong and open. The sensations you felt were deep in the connective tissues and the joints,the yin tissues of the body. Yin Yoga opens up these deep, dense, rarely touched areas. A yin practice balances our yang lifestyles and is great for just about every body.


Prenatal Yoga

Yoga can be one of the best practices to cultivate for a healthy pregnancy and birth. This class is held on an ongoing, drop in basis, and for many students becomes a strong part of the support system that is so helpful during pregnancy. Students learn invaluable breathing techniques and yoga postures that help before, during and after giving birth. The Prenatal class is for anyone who is pregnant and interested in doing yoga–Postpartum students are also welcome!


Yoga for Stiff People

Do you believe that you’ll never be able to touch your toes? Do you think your hamstrings are terminally short, quads forever tight? Are your shoulders rounding a little more each year? Then you could use this gentle, Yoga for Stiff People class. With this weekly class you will reverse all these conditions and learn how to develop and keep increased flexibility for life. You don’t need to become stiff and tight. You can regain the loose limbs, neck and shoulders you had as a child. Plan to come and see for yourself.  Yoga for Stiff People is changing lives.

Mindful Yoga

This is a great end of the week practice to find balance and relieve the mental chatter that tends to accumulate. This class offers techniques to focus the mind/body paradigm and to bring a sense of well-being.

Mindful yoga includes the postures that most of us are familiar with in western yoga, also called asana. This practice will also include harnessing the powers of sound vibrations in particular postures, as well as visualization. Each class is tailored to focus on a particular body system (and all the energies that go with that).

Studio Be Yoga is an amazing space and is a safe nook in Boulder to let us be who we were born to be.To tap into those deeper places that may be more difficult to palpate in this word of high stimulus. The intention is to culminate genuine vibrations in a group of like-minded people who are seeking to find their true nature, to give permission to be vulnerable and seek the deeper vibrations of the heart, soul, and mind. Empower yourself through letting whatever comes comes, and to respect that space.

Gentle Yogalates  

This Yogalates classes is designed to unlock your body’s inner wisdom. Gentle core strength exercises from many therapeutic traditions with Live Music from Makaan and guest musicians. Students delve deep into their own mind-body experience. Individual attention adapted to student’s fitness and issues .  

Stretch and Reset 

A movement and yoga class for those believing in creating youthfulness and flexibility. Using myofacial release, alignment, core strength and flowing Vini yoga, we will reset our faith and our radiant health each week.
This class is appropriate for beginners, injury issues as well as athletes looking to expand their knowledge of structural alignment. By repeating somatic movements and stretches, you will untangle tension in your structural web and release patterns of stress and pain.

If you feel stiff or tight, you can use this gentle form of yoga. You don’t need to continue being stiff. You can regain the loose limbs, neck and shoulders you had as a youth. Learn and refine key actions for a safe and effective yoga practice. Uniting innate intuition with the modern science of biomechanics empowers potent transformation and healing.

This class uses  breath to explore both innovative and the old world traditions of yoga. These techniques are adapted to the individual. By integrating the breath into our practice, we develop the connection between body and mind using mindfulness to stay present. This builds awareness of the various levels of our being (mental, emotional, bio-energetic, and physical).  Yoga philosophy and relaxation included in each class. Individual issues can be addressed.

Flow & Restore

Uplifting & calming. Kerensia offers 2 styles in this dynamic class, getting us ready for a peaceful night’s sleep. Move from active to passive postures as we flow AND restore. Moving with the breath gracefully & then unwinding in held postures. We’ll shift energy from the day around then destress & bliss out. Emphasizing both strength & flexibility for physical balance then releasing tension & allowing the outer layers to fall away. Unraveling the Self.

All are welcome.

Flow & Empowerment

Fierce, graceful living. Kerensia offers dynamic powerful movement set to rich theming for a class that’s deeply nourishing. This is the class you can bring a journal to & leave inspired. Move with the breath gracefully emphasizing both strength & flexibility.

 Beginners are always welcome however, some active yoga experience is recommended due to flow being set to a rhythm with the breath.