Studio Be’s Instructors bring diverse backgrounds in Yoga, body work, healing arts and spiritual practice into their teaching, providing a rich spectrum of daily classes in a range of yoga styles and levels.


Michelle Anderson

MS, BCST, discovered her life-changing love of yoga in 1991, and has been teaching and deepening her studies since 2002. She is a scientist, yoga instructor and yoga therapist, writer, and cranial sacral therapist.

Michelle teaches co-creative, sequence and anatomical – based yoga classes in both therapeutic and dynamic movement developed from her years of study with some of the world’s most respected teachers, including Richard Freeman, Matt Sanford, Francisco Kaiut, Wendy Bramlett, Erich Schiffman, Manouso Manos, and Scott Zamurut. The result is something greater and more delightful than the sum of its parts, and students feel engaged on deep levels beyond just the physical. Michelle is a masterful teacher, creating a relational field in the room where every person feels personally met and can safely engage in their process. 

Michelle also cultivates a devotional feeling inspired by her time spent in India with Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, where her intense interest in Sanskrit, chant, and Vedic studies began. Michelle is known for her love of chanting and kirtan, ecstatic dance, a deep awareness of energetic healing modalities, and for her work in adaptive yoga for people with disabilities, spinal cord and brain injuries. She is creating many exciting extensions of her practice, including co-ownership and expansion of Studio Be Yoga, LLC, several writing and video projects, teacher training development, and ever-expanding magical gardens!
Michelle’s Web Site  www.biodynamicyoga.net



De West, Certified Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT

De West is the co-owner of Studio Be Yoga and the founder of Therapeutic Yoga Practice With De. The Therapeutic Yoga Practice is a movement practice that allows people of all ages and abilities to experience a positive, relaxed and transforming experience in both body and mind.

She has been enjoying the benefits of a devoted yoga practice since 1992. After teaching many intensive athletic-style practices, she discovered that her students seemed to get even more benefits from a quieter, deeply internal and therapeutic yoga practice.

Precision, creative sequencing and deep understanding of anatomy contribute to De’s passion for helping students create more peace, freedom in their bodies. Students leave De’s classes rejuvenated, grounded and infused with a sense of personal and physical empowerment.

De is a leader in the Boulder, Colorado yoga community. Her over 25 years of teaching combines alignment principles and therapeutic yoga. Her years of work with Osteopathic doctors allow her to apply yoga to many different people and conditions.

De’s Website


Cindy Lusk, Ph.D.,

Cindy has been a student of yoga for over 25 years. She has studied and taught both Ashtanga and Anusara yogas. Her teaching reflects her love of tantric yoga philosophy and meditation, grounded in her many years of practice and study. Her students report that her teaching has transformed their experience of yoga and of their lives.

Cindy currently teaches in Boulder, CO and also offers on-line courses in yoga philosophy. 
Cindy’s Website


Yuki Tsuji-Hoening  LMT & RTT,

Yuki is a yoga instructor and a Thai massage therapist. She is a founder of Karuna Health. Born and raised in Japan for 18 years, her life philosophy is to be simple, intuitive, and dynamic in her work, study and play. She has been a student of yoga since 2000. She pursued her teacher training with Iyengar Yoga senior teacher, Nancy Stechert, in Hotchikiss CO. She continues to study with experienced teachers. She is intrigued by the subtleties of yoga that aligns and connects body and mind.

Yuki’s classes are filled with some fun movements, partner work, and detailed and precise instruction on alignment. Her sequencing allows students to drop deeper with intelligence and gentleness. Her passion and curiosity for healing arts brings her to the focus of therapeutics and restorative yoga. Yuki is also a certified AcroYoga (Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai Massage combined) teacher who loves to build a playful community. When not practicing yoga, Yuki enjoys being active outdoors; rock/ice climbing, hiking, Nordic skiing, backcountry skiing and playing in the park with friends.
Yuki’s Website and
Facebook Page and
Acro Yoga Facebook Page


Makaan Burt

Makaan is a yoga teacher and therapist who has combined many yoga forms and teaches a refreshing new one called Nature Stone Yoga. This form allows the student to drop deep into their own mind-body experience. Makaan has studied yoga for 35 years, including on his two trips to India. He studied intensively with Richard Freeman (8 yrs) and Mukunda Stiles(4 yrs): from whom he was certified in structural yoga therapy. He has completed many solo wilderness yoga retreats. He has healed his own maladies including conditions of back pain, torn ligaments, whiplash and scoliosis. Makaan offers ayurvedic massage, yoga privates and teaches workshops in postural walking therapy, hot stone yoga, back care, knee care, anatomy study, scoliosis, and yogalates training. 

Makaan’s website